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26 June 六月| 1 Corinthians 林前 15:1-11

Background: One group at Corinth did not believe in life after death at all, and another did not believe in the resurrection of the body. In this classic passage Paul deals with both groups. a. What strikes you about the content and the proclamation of the gospel given by Paul in (15:1–4)? Compare with 1 Timothy 1:15. b. What are the evidences that Paul listed in (15:5–11) for the resurrection of Christ? What is the significance of these?

背景:在哥林多教会里有一班人根本不信死后有生命, 另有一些人则不信身体能复活。保罗在这著名的章节 中就是针对这两种人。 a. 你对保罗在1-4节——福音的内容与宣告,有什 么感想?比较提前1:15。 b. 保罗在5-11节中列举那些有关基督复活的证据? 有什么重大意义呢?

Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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