Children Ministry

YMM is an intergenerational church and our children are embraced into every aspect of church life.


Programs on Sundays:

9am - 10am (Sunday)

Babes and Tots

Parents are encouraged to bring their little ones to the main service for Praise and Worship.

if they need a time-out, you are welcome to bring them to Room 05-17, where you can still participate in the Chinese Worship Service. 

Yishun Methodist Mission | YMM | Yishun Church Babes
Yishun Methodist Mission | YMM | Yishun Church Child

Nursery and Kindys

The little ones join the Primary Schoolers in praise and worship at 9am. They then move to an adjacent room for their Sunday School. Parents will pick them up after the church Chinese service, at 10.15am.

Primary School Children

All our Primary School Children attend Sunday School from 9am to 10.15am, concurrent with the church Chinese service.  Alternatively, they can join the online Sunday School via zoom at 3pm.


Special Arrangements because of COVID-19 situation

Onsite JCKids suspended until further notice.

We continue to meet via Zoom at 3pm.