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15 June 六月| 1 Corinthians 林前 9:1-19

a. What rights does Paul show Christian workers to have, and what are his reasons for not using them? b. Meditate on the phrase “I have made myself a slave to everyone” (9:19). Not only did Paul not use his rights to receive his living from the gospel, he even foregoes certain personal privileges, social and religious rights, so as to lead more people to Christ. Are you willing?

a. 保罗指出基督徒工人有哪些权柄?然而他为何选 择不使用这些权柄呢? b. 默想“我甘心作了众人的仆人”(9:19)。保罗不 但没有行使他的权柄靠福音养生,他甚至限制自己享 用某些个人特权、社会与宗教方面的权利,为要带领 更多人归向基督。你愿意吗?

Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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