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12nn to 1.30pm (Sundays)

Yishun Methodist Mission

A'Posh Bizhub,  #05-17

1 Yishun Industrial St 1


Parents with Young Kids

(kids aged 4-12)


Sharing, Parenting Talks,

Arts & Craft Ideas, Support Group

Parenting Poster

Looking for help to bring children up in the Christian faith?

Teaching children to pray, read the Word of God, and lead godly lives is a challenging task today. There are many contradicting voices on what it means to be a Christian parent, and children are exposed to a wide range of influences. Where can we find resources that we know are reliable, trustworthy, and based on the Word of God?

Our new website, Biblical Wisdom for Parenting, seeks to offer parents a point of reference for such resources. Visit our new website to find . . .

  • Gospel-centred wisdom on parenting

  • Useful insights from experts such as Paul David Tripp and Robert Solomon

  • Inspiring stories from parents who’ve walked the same journey

  • Daily prayer to help you pray for your family

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