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5 February 二月| Isaiah 赛5:1-30 |

Disappointment, Grief and Anger 失望、痛苦和愤怒

In this chapter, we find three different imageries of God: a disappointed gardener, a grieving mourner and an angry general. Rev DrGordon Wong calls these three divine emotions felt by God when His people betray and disobey Him. Can you think of things that your church, or yourself, are doing which cause God to be disappointed,grieved or angry?

这章我们发现三个对上帝形象的比喻:一个失望的园丁,一个痛苦的哀哭者,一个愤怒的将军。 黄昌荣牧师(博士)说这是上帝在祂的百姓背叛和悖逆祂时所饱含的三种葡萄园情感。你能否想到在你的教会,或你自己正做一些让上帝失望,痛苦或愤怒的事?

Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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