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13 February 二月| Isaiah 赛12:1-6 |

Praise and Promise 赞美与应许

In this short chapter, the prophet Isaiah exhorts the people to give thanks for God's punishment (v.1), protection (vv.2-3), pre-eminence (vv.4-5) and presence (v.6). Can you look back now, with praise and gratitude, on a time in your life when you:

a. felt as though God was punishing you?

b. felt as though God was protecting you?

在这短短的篇章中, 先知以赛亚劝诫百姓要感谢上帝的惩罚 (1节)、保护 (2-3节)、超越 (4-5) 和存在 (6节)。


a. 何时你感觉好像上帝在惩罚你?

b. 何时你感觉好像上帝在保护你?

Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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