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Revival! 复兴

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. – 2 Chronicles 7:14

The ACS Clock Tower was a place where groups of students gathered together for regular prayer. In 1972, the Holy Spirit moved upon the students “in a dramatic way … the result was similar to the experience of the apostles at Pentecost…” The Holy Spirit fell upon a bunch of young boys, whose lives were so indelibly changed, that a number of them because pastors in the Methodist Church in Singapore… Nearly 30 years later, the students described it as “a move of God”, “outpouring of the Holy Spirit…”105

What key factors were behind the growth of Methodism, one of the earliest modern revival movements? First, Wesley would urge “all people to personally experience Christ.”106 Harper observes, “Too many churches have settled into a moralistic view of Christianity that is fundamentally humanistic rather than Christocentric. The emphasis is on being good and doing good, but with little emphasis on the power to accomplish this kind of living.”107 Second, Wesley would “urge Christians to a greater sense of discipline.”108 He felt that our sinful body will shun the disciplined life, yet Christian maturity needs to be cultivated through discipline. Third, Wesley famously exhorted, “The gospel of Christ knows of no religion, but social; no holiness but social holiness.”109 This highlights the importance of the community of believers in the quest for holiness. Finally, Wesley dreamed, “I continue to dream and pray about a revival of holiness in our day that moves forth in mission and creates authentic community in which each God’s creational intentions.”110 Will you join the revival?


英华中学钟楼是一群学生聚集在一起定期祷告的地方。 1972年,圣灵以一种戏剧性的方式向感动了几位学生。。结果与圣灵降临节使徒的经历相似......“圣灵落在一群年轻的男孩身上,改变了他们的生命,他们当中许多当上了新加坡卫理公会的牧师。。差不多30年后,学生们形容这是“上帝的感动”,“圣灵的降临。。” 作为最早的现代复兴运动之一的卫理公会的发展背景有哪些关键因素?首先,卫理公会敦促“所有人都要亲自体验基督。”哈珀注意到:“太多的教会已经融入基督教的道德观,基本上是基于人性而不是以基督为中心。重点在于做好人和做善事,但很少强调活出这种生活的能力。” 第二,卫斯理会“敦促基督徒有更强烈的纪律意识”。他觉得我们有罪的身体不会顺从有纪律的生活,但基督徒的成熟需要通过纪律培养。第三,约翰.卫斯理著名的劝勉,“基督的福音没有宗教,只有社会; 没有圣洁,只有社会的圣洁”。这突出了信徒团体在追求圣洁方面的重要性。最后,约翰.卫斯理梦想着:“我继续梦想并且祈祷我们如今拥有圣洁的复兴,从而推动宣教和创造真正的社区,让上帝的每个创造性意图得到体现。”你会加入复兴吗?




Which one of the revival strategies seems to be most important for your church? Why?

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