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Prevenient Grace 预设恩典

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into

the world. – John 1:9

Flashes, pulses, sparkles and gleams. One imagines that journeying into

the midnight zone of the sea is like descending into an unexplored abyss

bathed in darkness. Yet researchers have been surprised that the

absolute darkness beyond 1000 meters of the surface is punctuated with

light. Latest studies have in fact found that 90% of deep-sea marine

animals can produce bioluminescence. They have the inherent ability

to shine in absolute darkness.

John Wesley’s unique understanding of salvation is predicated on the

fact that without grace that has been given to freely to everyone,

18 no one has the power to do good works pleasant and acceptable to God.

This happens because Jesus’ work of salvation is applied to all people,

Christians and non-Christians alike. Describing this as prevenient

grace, he claims that “Everyone has some measure of that light, some

faint glimmering ray, which sooner or later, more or less, enlightens

every man that cometh into the world.”19 This light in our life is God’s

first step to redeem humanity.20




员感到惊讶的是,完全的黑暗若超过 1000 米其表面会被光








每一个生在这个世界的人。” 我们生命中的这个光是上帝


Reflection 反思

Think back upon your life. Was there a time when God’s grace was

working in your life, before you were even aware of it?


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