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Perfecting Grace 完全恩典

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. – Matthew 5:48

“It’s perfect!” Kristlyn exclaimed with glee. I smiled. We had spent the last fifteen minutes making a unicorn hairband for her class photo shoot; spray painting the paper cone carefully to achieve a glittering flamboyance of red, orange, pink and silver. But perfect wasn’t quite perfect. The silicone that I used to adhere the cone to the hairband was showing from the back. The scotch-tape used to hold the cone together was visible from an angle. Yet, the unicorn hairband was perfect in the eyes of this seven-year-old.

When “perfect” is not perfect. Wesley’s explained that “sanctification is the process of growing in holiness by God’s grace… [that leads to] entire sanctification or Christian perfection.”88 According to Wesley’s sermon “On Perfection,” entire sanctification is “the fulfillment of the greatest commandment (Matt. 22:37-39) to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind, and to love your neighbour as yourself. It is also having the same mind that was in Christ Jesus.”89 Strong elaborates, “Christian perfection is a dynamic experience of growth, not a fixed state or condition. When we are asked, ‘Do you expect to be perfected in love?’ and we answer affirmatively, we are making a claim about Christ’s work and God’s power, not our ability.”90 Maddox adds, “Wesley was convinced that the Christian life did not have to remain a life of continual struggle. He believed that… God’s loving grace can transform our lives to the point where our own love for God and others becomes a ‘natural response’… To deny this would be… to make the power of sin greater than that of [God’s empowering] grace.”91



当“完美”不完全时。约翰.卫斯理解释说:“成圣是在上帝的恩典中成长为圣洁的过程。。 以致完全成圣或基督徒的完全。” 根据约翰.卫斯理的讲道“完美”,完全成圣是实现最大的诫命(《马太福音》22:37-39),要尽心,尽性,尽意爱主,并且爱人如己,这是在基督耶稣里与主同心。约翰.卫斯理强有而有力的阐述,“基督徒的完全是一种成长的动态体验,而不是处于固定的状态或情形。当我们被问及'你期待完全的爱吗?',我们的回答是肯定的,我们正在声明基督的工作和上帝的大能,而不是我们的能力。” Maddox补充说,





“Think of someone you know who seems to be ‘going on to perfection.’ What characteristics do you see manifest in his or her life?”92

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