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Introduction to Isaiah 1-12: 以赛亚书要点:

From Perdition to Praise 从灾祸到赞美

You are living in sin! You are rebelling against God, your creator! Turn

away from these idols you are worshipping! Turn away from the

impending woe and judgment. Turn back to God, Yahweh is salvation!

Isaiah, whose name means “Yahweh is salvation,”was a prophet

who prophesied during the reigns ofUzziah(or Azariah), Jotham,

Ahaz, andHezekiah, the kings ofJudah. And we see from the book of

2 Kings that of the four kings mentioned,three(Uzziah, Jotham and

Hezekiah) were good kings who did what was pleasing to God. But

even during the reign of Uzziah or his son Jotham, we see that “The

high places, however, were not removed; the people continued to

offer sacrifices and burn incense there” (2 Kings 15:4; 35).King Ahaz

was even worse. He followed the people in worshipping other gods

at the high places and even sacrificed his son in the fire!

And this was the cry of Isaiahin chapters 1 to 12. Judah, repent!

Perdition is coming! Look at Israel (the Northern kingdom). They are

bowing to the same idols! Assyria is going to conquer them and carry

them off into exile. But Judah, escape from the perdition that is to

come! Repent and turn from your sins. And praise God, for the LORD

himself has become your salvation!

As we approach Lent, as we reflect on Isaiah’s cry, call and caution in

Isaiah 1-12, may the Holy Spirit illumine areas in our life we are to

repent of and return to God, forat Easter,the LORD himself has

become our salvation!


以赛亚的名字的意思“雅魏是拯救”。他是乌西亚、约坦、亚哈斯、西希家作犹大王时的先知。从《历王记下》我们知道乌西亚(即亚撒利亚)、约坦、西希家这三位是好王,他们行上帝眼里看为正的事。但即使是在乌西亚和他的儿子约坦作王的时期,从《历王记下》15:4,35 我们知道“只是邱坛没有废去,百姓仍在那里献祭烧香。” 亚哈斯王时期更加严重,他效法百姓去邱坛献祭,使他的儿子经火。




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