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9 June 六月| 1 Corinthians 林前 5:1-13

a. Paul enforces his point by referring to the Passover practice of searching out and destroying all the old leaven before eating the meal (5:7), and how, we who are the new bread, must likewise be rid of the old bread “leavened with malice and wickedness” (5:8) See Exodus 12:14, 15, 19. b. Notice the distinction in the attitudes Paul advised the church to have towards “sinning Christians” and “sinning non-Christians”. What actions are demanded of the local church, and why are such actions necessary?

a. 保罗提到在从前在逾越节吃无酵饼时(5:7), 都要把旧酵除去,同样的我们这新饼必须除去“邪 恶的酵”(5:8)的例子来支持他的论点。参考出 12:14,15,19。 b. 请注意保罗吩咐教会在面对或处理“犯罪的基 督徒”与“犯罪的非基督徒”的态度与行为有何分 别?为何有如此分别?

Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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