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4 June 六月| 1 Corinthians 林前 2:6-3:2

a. Paul talked about (a) ‘human wisdom’, and (b) ‘a secret and hidden wisdom of God’. How is the latter to be possessed, and by whom alone is it understood? b. There would appear to be three groups of people in Paul’s mind: (a) ‘the spiritual person’ (2:15); (b) ‘the worldly person’ (3:1); (c) the ‘unspiritual’ person of 2:14. What differentiates each of these? Which would you like to be?

a. 保罗在这里提到关于:“世上的智慧”,和 “隐藏、神奥秘的智慧”。后者要如何才能得着? 谁才能领会呢? b. 在保罗的心目中,似乎有3种人:“属灵的人” (2:15); “属肉体的人”(3:1)及;“属血气 的”(2:14)。他们之间有何分别?你是属于哪一 种人?你愿成为哪一种人?

Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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