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29 June 六月| 1 Corinthians 林前 16:1-18

a. (16:1): ‘The collection for God’s people’. Paul was concerned about a fund that he had initiated among the Gentile churches to aid the poor of the church in Jerusalem. What can we learn from his practical instructions about the collection and sending of this money? b. What can we learn from this chapter about the plans, movement and ministry of Christian workers? c. In (16:13-14) Paul encouraged the church at Corinth on how to live? Examine your own life in order to discover in what ways you, too, need to obey these commands.

a. 1节:“为圣徒捐钱”。这种捐款是保罗在外 邦各教会中发起,用以帮助在耶路撒冷教会中的 穷人。关于募集及解送这种捐款的事情,我们从 他的指示中可以学到什么教训呢? b. 我们可以从本章有关基督仆人的计划、行踪与 事工学到什么教训呢? c. 保罗在13-14节里叮咛哥林多教会信徒应当如 何生活,让我也藉此省察自己的生活。

Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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