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23 June 六月| 1 Corinthians 林前 13:1-13

a. Paul urged the believers at Corinth to earnestly pursue the more excellent gifts (12:31). He pointed out that spiritual gifts are of profit only when exercised in love. b. According to (13:1–3) why is love so all-important? In what ways does Paul show further that love is greater than all other gifts? (13:8–13) c. In (13:4–7) there are fifteen ways of describing love. Write them in a column and then try to put opposite each an incident in Jesus’ life illustrating it. Then ask yourself: Is this found in me?

a. 保罗力劝哥林多的信徒要切切地追求那更大的 恩赐(12:31)。他指出属灵的恩赐只有在爱里来 运用时才有真正的益处。 b. 根据1-3节,为什么爱是最重要的?保罗如何 进一步证明爱比其他一切恩赐还要重要?(8-13 节) c. 保罗在4-7节中以15个子句来描述爱。请将它 们逐行写下来。之后,用耶稣生平的一件事来加 以说明,然后自问:在我身上有这样的品格吗?

Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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