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12 June 六月| 1 Corinthians 林前 7:1-24

a. In this chapter Paul is answering specific questions about marriage. He shows that marriage and the single life are equally permissible and that each person must find out in which state God intends them to live (7:7). b. Gather out Paul’s practical teaching about married life (7:2–5, 10–16) and compare with his more theological treatment in Ephesians 5:22–33. c. What is the rule set by Paul in (7:17–24) as he talked about the Christian’s position in the society of his day? How does this apply to us? Being ‘called’ in this verses refers not to a person’s status and duties in society, but to God’s call through Christ to sinners.

a. 保罗在这一章中是答覆有关婚姻的特殊问题。他 指明嫁娶和独身是同样可容许的,而每一个人都要找 出神要他以哪一种身份来生活(7:7)。 b. 保罗对婚姻生活有何实际教训(7:2-5,7:10-16)? 与比较偏重于神学方面的论述的以弗所书5:22-33作一 比较。 c. 7:17-24保罗论及当今基督徒在社会上的身份时, 定下了什么准则?这准则如何应用在我们身上呢?在 本段中所说的 “蒙召” ,不是指一个人在社会上的地 位和职责,而是指神藉著基督对罪人所作的呼召。

Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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