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12 August 八月| Luke 路 1:1–25

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

What was the mission assigned to John the Baptist?

What was to be the nature of his greatness (verse 15)? cf. v76, 77.

What was the cause of Zechariah’s punishment (verse 20)?

What made him hesitate to believe the angel’s message?

What similar temptations to unbelief do you face? Why ought

Zechariah to have believed, and why ought we to believe?

v1–4. What do these verses tell us of: (a) the sources of Luke’s

information, (b) the importance that he attached to giving a

truthful record, and (c) his purpose in writing the Gospel?

Note. v3. The title ‘most excellent’ suggests that Theophilus was a high official,

probably not a Christian, but with some knowledge of and interest in Christianity.



撒迦利亚受罚的原因为何?(v. 20)




1-4节。这些经文对于:(a)路加写作资料的来源;(b) 对提供





Reflections and Prayer 反思祷告

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