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Rev Lau Chong Yaw


Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ of Yishun Methodist Mission, peace be with you.  

Thank you for your warm welcome and for the opportunity to serve our Lord together in this big family at YMM in 2017.

I was born in Kampong Jering Village, situated in Sitiawan, Perak.  I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I am the youngest in the family. Our dialect is Foochow.  My parents sent me to Singapore for my education when I was 12 years old.  I was staying at 2nd uncle’s house during my studies.  Hence, I followed them to Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church (TPCMC). I am now a Singaporean PR. 

When I was studying at the Polytechnic, I felt God calling me into full time to serve in His Great Mission. In obedience, I joined the Campus Crusade for Christ and served in the Campus Ministry after graduation. During those 10 years of service, I have had the opportunity to share the gospel at various tertiary institutions in Singapore; lead in the Disciple Groups and participate in overseas mission trips.  Years later, my pastor at TPCMC encouraged me to attend theological studies to equip myself better and for more effective service in preparation for the future. Thus, I went to Trinity Theological College (TTC) for a 3-year stint.  After graduating from TTC, I returned to TPCMC where I served as a pastoral staff. Two years later, I joined the Chinese Annual Conference (CAC) as a Conference Preacher.

I was sent to Charis Methodist Church in 2015 and now I am coming to  YMM in 2017 as the pastor-in-charge.






Ps Glenn

陈书铭传道 , 年会传道 (华语崇拜)(青少年事工)
Ps Glenn is the latest addition to the YMM pastoral team, having recently graduated from Trinity Theological College. After he graduated from NUS with his first degrees in Social Work and Psychology in 2004, Glenn has worked with various government ministries and statutory boards. He joined Grace Methodist Church as a Local Ministry Staff in 2010, overseeing the youth ministry. Firmly believing that the youth are the future leaders of the local church, Glenn is passionate about mentoring, training and developing youth leaders through systematic and patient guidance.

Glenn's current role at YMM includes providing pastoral care to the Chinese congregation and the youth and young adults ministries. He is married to Lina and they have two children, Kristlyn and Kristan.

李瑞昇传道 , 本处传道 (英语崇拜)
Ps Timothy Lee has been a pastor with more than 20 years of ministry behind him. He joined YMM in 2000 after serving in Youth for Christ, Faith Community Baptist Church and Bethel Presbyterian church. He holds a degree in theology from the Singapore Bible College. Timothy is a dedicated, well-liked, inspiring and anointed servant of the Lord. He teaches and leads out of his wealth of experience and depth in God and ministers powerfully in the Spirit. Patient and kind, he is well known for his heart of compassion.

Timothy serves effectively as a Circuit Pastor in the pastoral team overseeing the development of cell leaders and cell ministry. He is happily married to Phemie Ng, and has two beautiful children, Zuriel and Faith. Residing in Yishun, they are indeed "Children of the Land" and are ministering effectively as a family and have touched many lives through their generous hospitality.


杨清钻传道 , 本处传道 儿童事工) (华语崇拜)
Ps Yeo Cheng Suan is currently a Christian Ministry Staff supporting the Discipleship and Nurture ministry. She was among the first who joined YMM in her pioneering year from Hinghwa Methodidst Church. A graduate with Business Administration from the National University of Singapore, she accumulates over 10 years in marketing and management field. She now effectively translates her experiences and skills into building up an outstanding team of dedicated leaders in the YMM children ministry.

Since coming on board full time as the Children Pastor with the church team in September 1997, Cheng Suan has led countless children to Christ, touching others and building many up into youth leaders. Many families in Yishun continue to be greatly blessed by her anointed ministry. Cheng Suan's ministry has been greatly influenced by her training at the Alor Star Superkids church and the Children Bible Ministry in New Zealand. As an eloquent and effective communicator of God's message to children and adults, she has completed her Master of Arts in Ministry with the Theological Centre of Asia.

黄春胜干事 (学校事工)
Mr James Wee is the lay ministry staff in YMM. He has served in the government sector for over 10 years and had on many occasions received awards for his performance. James joined the church pastoral team in March 2003 answering God's call. He gathered a team of youth leaders and Boys Brigade officers to begin reaching out to boys in the community.

He is now the captain of the Boys Brigade companies, which in total boasts more than 170 boys, in the Orchid Park Secondary School, Naval Base Primary School and Northbrooks Secondary School. He has acquired a broad spectrum of skills in helping and counseling youths; and is a model teacher to many of them. Countless boys have come to the salvation in Jesus because of the effort of James and his team. A jovial and attractive youth pastor, James is also an anointed versatile guitarist. He uses his gifts well as he effectively lead the youth service and serves in the worship and music ministry of the church.

李桂花女士 , 行政同工

Ms Alice Moh is a joyful, committed and loyal member of the YMM staff team. She joined YMM in 2000 and was appointed the Administrator in the church office in December 2001, overseeing the administrative team. She is a key person in the staff team that enables the whole support system for ministries to be put in place. Alice is a patient and faith-filled woman who gives concrete help unreservedly to ladies and children in the community of Yishun.

Han Shiqiong

韩世琼女士 ,行政同工 (兼职)

Ms Han Shiqiong is Administration / Ministry Administrative Assistant. She worked as a nurse in China and in Singapore for more than 20 years. During this time, she completed all four series of “Disciple Bible Studies” and “Companion in Christ”. Touched by God’s love, she answered the call to serve in the YMM office in 2013.

She is a cheerful and faithful staff, married to Shi Degang, the chairman of YMM’s Missions Committee. They are blessed with 2 sons, Shi Shan and Shi Chuan.



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